Buat Efek ala-ala Davehill

Main copy paste je arini. Kurang kerajinan :p

Credit : diyphotography


This is what I started with – an image of my love one and her double-second-cousin.
The first thing is to duplicate the image layer (CTRL + J) and run a High Pass filter on the duplicated layer. Then choose 4.0 as filter radius. WOW! Don’t be alarmed, we will fix this in a sec…
The next step is to select “vivid light” as the layer blending mode. Now flatten the layers (CTRL + SHIFT + E).
Again, duplicate the layer, and do a High Pass filter on the dup. This time select 6.9 as radius and color as blending mode.
Now choose layer opacity 40% and flattened again.
Now again – duplicate the layer. Now call on the Gaussian Blur (Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur) filter and set it to 9.5. Still using the dup layer, call on the noise filter (Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise) and apply 3% noise.
OK, that looks really blurry, we will do something about it. Like remove all the blur from the eyes and ….
Now add a layer mask (Layer -> Add Layer Mask -> Hide All), and select the eyes using the lasso tool (L is the short cut for this). Now invert the selection (Shift + Control + I).
Now take the brush tool (B) set the opacity to 30% and paint over the entire image. TADA! Eyes are a bit sharper then the rest of the image. Flatten again.
The final step is to apply some unsharp mask filter (Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask). Use the following values: Amount 100%, Radius 30.0 Pixels, Threshold 0. And ….

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