About Us

Hey there! Welcome to our blog – the spot where we blend a love for custom vehicle plates with the meticulous touch of a real human (that’s me, Adzril Maizan!). At MAGICALIPS PLT, we’ve been on this awesome ride since 2019, proudly earning our stripes as the go-to seller for all things registration plates in Putrajaya.

Picture this: FB, FC, FD, FE, and a whole lot more – that’s our playground! We’re not just about the past; we’re all about the future, too. Planning ahead to make sure we’ve got your back for the years to come.

Now, let’s get real. It’s not just about letters and numbers on a plate; it’s about your ride making a statement, telling its story. And that’s where the magic happens. Every plate we craft is like a little work of art – made with care and delivered with a whole lot of good vibes.

Why pick us? Well, we’re not just a seller; we’re your partner in crime for all things registration. We believe in keeping it real – transparent, dependable, and always with your satisfaction in mind. We’re here to make getting your plates as smooth as your favorite driving playlist.

So, roll with us on this journey of personalized plates. Adzril Maizan and the whole MAGICALIPS PLT crew are here to turn a simple transaction into something special. Express yourself, explore the possibilities, and let us handle the nitty-gritty. Thanks a bunch for thinking of us for your plates – we’re pumped to serve you with all the good vibes and excellence! 🚗✨